Episode 34: Forgiveness and gratitude

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In this episode:

– I talk about my conflicts with letting go and forgiveness

– I speak about my built up anger I had that I didn’t know was still there

– I reflect on my resentment held me back from moving forward

– I talk about my struggles on moving the roadblocks in my path

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Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen, and otherwise it is your host Kendall Donika. I want to thank you guys for being a part of today’s episode and joining me for another venting session, where I give you a look inside of my life. As I talk about relationships. Parenting. Mental health support. And all of the above when it comes to my life.

And the inside look inside my journal. So thank you guys for joining me today. I want to start out by apologizing. Because last week, I didn’t release And the reason for that is I simply just could not find the time. And I want to also clarify that that will never happen again. I, um, found a way were high.

I will absolutely make sure that every single episode is weekly on Wednesdays as scheduled, making sure that you guys can experience that consistency for me. Um, from now on. But last week, I honestly just could not find the time I was very busy. And it was going through a lot of different things that I found were a little bit challenging for me at

And, uh, Wednesday came and I was like, okay, I’ll do it. Um, I’ll release one by Thursday and. I’ll set, I’ll release one by Friday and you know, Friday came and I just could not do it. And I’d kind of just said, well, forget about Oh, God, I just. Make this week as like a little vacation week. I dunno if podcasts was take vacations, but.

That was my vacation. And. Uh, from now on, it will be very consistent. A few things I wanted to add here is I released the single father So now if you go to our Instagram, uh, the single father podcast and on our Facebook, you’ll find the single father shop where we introduced a lot of different products there, some hats, some mugs. Um, so get that single father merge. Uh, they’re all very clever and interesting. And, um, I spend a lot of time on it and, uh, I’m really excited about it too.

You can also visit invent. Fam pact.org. And look for show notes and also see the shop there as well. Um, I’m, I’m really happy and Um, that we’re able to release that to you guys. So go ahead and check it out. Um, they’re pretty inexpensive. So just get one support to show tag me. I’ll repost you on my Instagram and, uh, yeah.

Um, so those are a few new developments that, um, Uh, I’d want it to just get some housekeeping out of the way, tell you about the shop. Um, you know, tell you that episodes will always remain consistent. And, um, and really kind of just give you guys a little update about my life and. Um, I feel like what’s been going on.

And it seems like every time I release an episode, there is something going on. But it’s kind of true to form to the nature of the show. It’s me venting. This is kind of like my own personal online journal, where I get to tell you guys a little bit about my life. And. You know, last week, last week was a little difficult

Um, Just because I had. I mean for two reasons, one, um, you know, I just received a message from someone that I wasn’t too happy about. And sometimes, and it’s a, it’s a really big. Flaw of mine, but sometimes when I receive. Somewhat of bad news or something like that. It tends to affect my whole day.

And I need to work on that and, um, put my mind in a position where I can let go of those things in a more healthy Um, but it did affect me pretty negatively. Um, and the other thing was, I think I kind of dispelled that negative energy out there. And I was, I can’t really talk about it, but I was putting in position.

Where I was. Extremely uncomfortable. Um, I was put in a position. Um, One night where I felt. Just kind of physically sick about how uncomfortable I was put in. Um, and I’ve never been in a position like that in my life. , Yeah, it wasn’t, it was really uncomfortable for me. And I kind of just felt down about how my week was going.

And just felt really negative. And I, and I wanted to search.

On how I can get this out of my, my aura, my life, my vibe, my energy. I wanted to kind of correct myself a little bit. ’cause I’m like this isn’t me. This isn’t like this. I think I’ve gone so far. Negatively. That I need, I need a healer to kind of step in So I went and saw a healer. And there was this guy who, um, you know, focuses on healing people and creating a more of achie in their life and helping them find balance within the personal life as well.

And, um, I was telling him, I’m like, look, I’ve. I I’ve been trying a lot of different things. I’ve been meditating. I’ve been, I’ve got these crystals that I’ve been wearing, these stones and crystals I’ve been wearing across my neck. And he said, He said, let me take a look at those. And.

He’s like. Well, these are the crystals that you need to have. But. Have you been showing gratitude towards them? Have you been talking to them? And I’m like, dude, I’m not going to talk to a fucking rock. What are you talking about? And he’s like, no, but hear me. Have you been showing gratitude? To the universe.

Have you been thinking. The stones for grounding you for helping you find balance. For pointing you in the right direction. And I said, Well, there’s nothing to really think as of right now, I’m my head is really negative. And he’s like, well, that’s the problem.

The, the stones. We’ll guide you, but you are the one that has to walk. They’ll show you the path, but you have to walk

And it reminded me of something that I went through when I was younger. When I was I, um, I felt that I really wanted to. Once again, can I change my aura and change my ways and myself as a person?

But not, not just the chief around me. I wanted to change myself as a person.

So I decided to get baptized.


Allow myself to really become a better

So I got baptized. And the next day I woke And I think I spoke about this in my earlier podcast, but the next day I woke up. I feel like nothing has changed.

And I felt.

Kind of the same. Shitty person. That I feel like I’ve, I’ve, I’ve been feeling for the past couple

So I went to my pastor. And I said, Listen, I got baptized. And I don’t feel like anything. Really feels tremendously different. I thought I would wake up the next day and experience the holy spirit that I’d be walking on water, like Jesus, . And I don’t feel like that. I feel. The same.

And he told me.

Well, the path.

To becoming a better person.

Is not a light switch. It’s a journey.

And he said one of the very same things that this healer told He said. The journey.

Has to be. Walked. Bye. You. And God will show you the way you have to walk the path. And God will show The doors that need to be taken. But it is your complete choice to either walk towards them or walk away from them or not walk at all. You. Have to put one step and foot in front of the other every day.

That’s the trick to it all. You have to work at it every day.

And I said, wow, I thought. Being baptized, you just.

Kind of just take an elevator ride to where you need to be. And he’s like, no, no, no, no, no. You need to. You need to put one step in front of the And walk that path every single day.

And it was funny. Thinking Memory when the healer told me what he did, because I remembered that and I said, Wow. I forgot about that.

I forgot I also need to put in the work. And the rest will follow.

And I wasn’t doing that. I wasn’t putting myself in a position where. Aye.

Was putting one step in front of the other. I was kind of just taking this.

Elevator ride to nowhere.

It wasn’t moving. I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing. I discovered pretty early and pretty quickly that that was the problem.

And I also noticed that the part of the problem was there was roadblocks on the way.

On the paths that I was taking.

Each path that I decided to take. There was roadblocks there.

No in my mind, if you picture this. Path. That you’re walking.

I’m walking across on a path. Closer to God, closer to inner peace, closer to balance my life.

And in the way are these roadblocks.

Well you’re supposed to do is move the roadblocks out of the But sometimes they’re a little bit heavier.

Than usual.

And sometimes. These blocks, these.

Roadblocks in your way. Sometimes it’s. Almost impossible to move them at

And I think how easy or how hard these blocks are to move. Is completely dependent on your mindset. And how you visualize these blocks to be. In front of and I think. Part of the roadblocks that I’ve been experiencing lately.

Has been because. I’ve been holding on to. So much.

Regret. Anger.

Things that I wish were different in my life.

I’ve been angry.

And If you listen to my earlier podcast, I talk about a lot of my regret, but.

I think regret can easily turn into anger. And I think I’ve been angry.

I’ve been angry. That I’ve been even put in these positions of an angry, that things haven’t gone my way of an angry. About people who have hurt me.

You know,

I heard someone say that we. Do not have to love our enemies. But we do not have to be obsessed about the harm that was done to us. Our entire

And I found that pretty profound because I think for a long time, I’ve been obsessed about the pain and the anger that was done on to me.

About the harm that was caused on to me.

Whether it’s I play my parents or. A significant other. Or. Hypothetically my child’s mother. You know, there’s a lot of things out there that. I feel like I’ve just been hurt and wronged over. And it just made me angry.

And unlike what you think this anger did not make me stronger. It made me weaker. Then me and my arms weaker. And then my strength weaker. Where I wasn’t able to move these roadblocks in front of me. And I just been at a standstill. Not going back, not going forward, just standing in one place.

You know, I. I heard a very.

Great definition of depression. And it was drowning. Well, watching everyone around you breathing.

And I think that’s been my problem for a long time.

I have been so focused on watching other people breathe around me, that I forgot what it’s like to breathe on my own. Does that make sense? You know, I’m so focused on that person or this person, or. Or what I see in front of me, but I, I haven’t been focused on myself.

And I felt like it was time for me to. Gather this energy that I’ve been feeling and find out what’s important to me. You know, when you’re hungry, it’s food. That’s important when you’re lonely it’s company. And I think when you’re angry, If we dig deep. On what we’re searching in the anger it’s to find forgiveness.

I mean, really think about it. You may be confused by that, but. When we’re angry.

I think we searched to find that forgiveness before anything else. How can I forgive this person? How can I forgive them before? Such and such and such right. I want to forgive them. Can I, am I able to forgive?

I think everyone has that Before.

The other shoe drops. Right.

And because we’re not able to forgive. Is when we start doing the things that. Hold us back. They create roadblocks in our

I’m not able to forgive you. So I’m going to create a roadblock for myself and to you. I’m not going to move forward. I’m just going to stand right here in my anger.

And I’m ashamed because it just feels like that’s what I’ve been doing all this time. It’s just sitting here in my anger. Instead of focusing on what’s ahead.

And that really pisses me off. When I think about it because. This whole time. You know, I preach. Finding balance.

And I don’t think I realized it until I felt like I wanted to explode. That I’ve been so unbalanced this entire time.

I had no. One really to talk to. I had.

Or I felt like I had no support. And I think. A strong reason. Subliminally why I started this podcast and why I want to do so much. Is because I want to offer people the support that I felt that I’ve been lacking. A lot of my And I want to think one of my friends recently, and he listens to the podcasts, you know who you are.

Um, I was having dinner with one of my friends. And I was telling him about a situation with.

My child’s mother and her boyfriend. And I spoke about.

Uh, hypothetically how I felt he was.

This or that because he refused to. You know, grab a beer with me or meet with me for coffee. And for me to know more about him. ’cause I felt like that’s what you do when you’re a father. Co-parenting is. I mean everything I’ve seen from movies, right? You, you get to know the person who’s around your daughter.

And then my friend told me he’s like, well,

What would it really matter?

I’m like, what do you mean. And it’s like, what would it really matter? Whether you met up with him or not. What would it do for you other, just other than just confirm. But you don’t like him.

There’s nothing you could do about it. Even if he did like him. Even if you didn’t, what could you really

Nothing. So, what does it really matter?

And I kid

I’ve never thought about that before. Never. I can’t. I kid you not. I have never once thought about. What does it really matter?

Whether I like this guy or not.

There’s nothing I can do.

And it reminded me of the tattoo that I have on my own arm.

But haven’t looked at Is God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change to change the things that I can and the wisdom. To know the difference.

What does it really matter? Right.

I can only change the things that I can change. And I need to stop worrying about the things that I can’t.

And I think that goes back to the latest podcast I’ve been doing. And kind of how I’ve been feeling lately. Is. Letting go.

And creating a little gratitude and forgiveness in my life.

You know, it’s actually funny because, um,

This guy. When I was in high school.

This guy. I swear to God, he wanted to kill me.

And this girl came up to me one day when I was in high school and just started flirting with And I flirted with her back. Little did I know it was this, uh, It was the ex-girlfriend of this Italian guy who. Was pretty connected. Um, Within some of like the.


I don’t know how to describe it. The thug crown crowd in high school. And, um, He found out that I was talking to her and. I swear to God, he wanted to kill me. And. It was part of the reason why I wanted to leave Vegas and. Go to Reno to college is because. I felt like there was just so much going on in Vegas.

And with my parents’ divorce and my ex-girlfriend, and now this guy wants to kill me. I was like, you know what? There’s no better sign for me to just leave.

And. So I But I kind of held a grudge against this guy for a very long time. Not only me just cause I didn’t purposely. Do a, to antagonize him, but just because. Of circumstances that, to be honest, I can’t even really remember at this point, I just remembered the guy was so angry and wanting to kill me. And I, I just, I hated that guy afterwards, you

So. About three days ago, I’m walking. With my daughter. At the mall. And I walked past this guy and he looks so familiar.

And I was just so compelled. To turn around and I said, excuse me. Is your name?

And he’s like, oh, Hey, what’s up Kendall. He stands up. Shakes my

And I’m like, what dude? Last time I saw you. You were, and I said this to him. I said, last time I saw you. You were trying to kill me. He’s like, yeah, we share we’re going at each other’s heads back then. Huh? And he just laughed and. His dad. Um, came around the corner and. Um,

I met his dad and he said, he asked about my daughter and he’s told me he had kid. I had a kid I think. And, um, We just talked for a minute. And I’m sitting there dumbfounded because. The last time I saw this guy, he wanted to kill me now. He’s greeting me with kindness and love. Introducing me to his father.

And I just couldn’t

And I’m like this guy. Has it really moved forward in grace?


And I just thought to myself, wow. I was holding a roadblock. In my heart for so long over something that didn’t even really matter. To anyone by myself.

And. At that point, I just decided to move on to.

I forgive and I forgave him right in there. And. I shook his hand Knight. Shook his father’s hand. And. I told my daughter to say hello and goodbye. And I went on my

And it was just a funny thing because. For so long. I had this image in my head of this guy, you know, And the moment he got up and smiled and shook my hand, I was.

It’s like.

It’s like you’re holding a grudge against a ghost. If that makes sense.

And you feel like.

I wonder how long I spent angry at this. Situation

It was long forgotten.

I kept the situation alive by my anger.

You know,

And we can do that.

The sky will never shine. If you hold on to the dark clouds around

I’m thankful for the things that are around me in the situation. That I find myself in with my beautiful daughter and. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

And I forgive the aspects of my life. That are not so great. Whether I’m speaking hypothetically about my child’s mother or not. Or whether I’m speaking about. People that I felt betrayed by, or whether I feel. I’m speaking about myself even.

I’m able to forgive. And each time. I’m able to forgive the roadblocks in front of me become easier to move.

So instead of. Dwelling. And it being obsessed with the harm again, that was done to us. We can move ahead.

Mercy is the only way It’s a song by Andrew Day. And one of the lyrics in her song, I feel like is a little profound.

The lyric goes. I can’t hear love. Because we’re at war. And revenge is so loud. And the drums are so proud.

I’m in a cage and I hear mercy say. I’m here now.

And I thought that was oh, beautiful.

And what she’s representing in this song. Is the pain. That she felt from. Other people. You know, from her enemies or the person who did wrong to her.

She said, if you could look inside my eyes, Would you pity me? Would you see the desperate nights and all the lies that brought me to my knees. I keep thinking. That I have to make you fall. The way I fell from your betrayal. To bring me peace of mind.

You know, she keeps thinking. That. She has to fight. And stand still in her anger. To not move forward. She can’t move forward. She’s too proud. She can’t hear love.

Because the drums of pride and war are too loud.

But as she feels trapped in this cage, as she feels.

Just. You know, engulfed in this anger.

She hears mercy come and say. I’m here now.

And I thought, Wow. What a profound. Sentence. Uh, representation of forgiveness and letting go.

And showing gratitude.

For discovering mercy.

For discovering a different path.

And I wanted to read you guys a lovely poem. That I’ve, uh,

I’ve held with me for a very long time. It’s by a William Blake. And it’s called. A poison tree.

And the poem goes. I was angry with my friend. I told my Raff, my Raff did I was angry with my foe. I told it not. My wrath to grow.

And I watered it and fears. Night and morning with my tears. And I Sunday with smiles. And with deceitful whiles.

And it grew both day and night. Till it bore and apple bright. And my fo beheld it shine. And he knew. That it was mine. And into my garden stole.

When the night had veiled, a pole.

In the morning. Glad I see.

My pho outstretched. Beneath the tree.

The meaning of that poem. Is representing anger. And the consequences of doing And how you failed to communicate. Your wrath.

Until it grows into a poisonous hatred.

But not just poisonous. For the other person poisonous for yourself.

You can be poisoned by your hatred thoughts. I’m unable to see the truth. Unable to move forward. Unable to find balance or love. Or forgiveness.

Unable to see yourself.

So going back to this healer.

I sat there with him.

I sat there closing my eyes. Giving gratitude to the universe.

The stones. Around my neck.

To God above me.

To the life that I have.

To the family. I hold.

To the man that I am. To the man that I want to be.

I gave gratitude for the things that I love.

And then gave gratitude. For the pain that made me stronger.

I started to forgive.

I let the bad thoughts that I experienced.

And then I obsessed over, come and go out of my mind.

Just as quickly as

I sat there.

And I felt grace.

I felt mercy.

I felt merciful for myself.

As I forgave myself. For being trapped for so long. In this cage of anger.

I felt merciful.

From my enemies.

For being locked in a cage of their

And as I started to forgive. The bad thoughts. That were in my mind for the memories.

That haunted me.

I started thinking about them less and less.

The tightness in my chest. Started to waiver. The heaviness on my shoulders. Started to feel lighter.

Nice. I sat there.

And forgave.

The forgave. Harmful feelings that were in my

I felt. Lighter on my

I felt a looseness in my face.

I felt relaxed in my throat.

I felt an easiness. To my words.

And finally I felt peace. In my mind.

And so every time that those thoughts. Memories or feelings. Would come to

I embraced them. I allowed them in.

And then I allowed them to leave.

And they wave over me.

Like a subtle wave in the sea and the ocean.

They came and went.

And I found peace.

I found a balance.

I found. Myself.

Once more.

And as I opened my eyes. The healer reminded me.

This is not a one and done thing.

This is a putting your foot in front of the other every day. And moving towards the path that the universe has set out for you.

Those thoughts, those feelings, those memories. There will, they will be roadblocks. In your way.

But if you do what you just did today, they will be always so easy to move out of your

And eventually you can brush them aside of just a slide of your hand or your finger.

They won’t bother you. They won’t stop you from moving. They won’t alter your path.

And I felt like that was so.


Hence the healer.

As I sit with you guys today in venti you about my experiences. I feel relief. I feel gratitude. I feel mercy. In my heart.

‘ cause I know.

I know now, but I have it within me.

To keep moving forward.

Sometimes anger can be so small.

And turn into something. So overwhelming.

I felt like I was trapped.

And I feel so grateful that I was able to. Dispel that negativity away from myself and my home in my life.

And cleanse. Myself of that hatred. But anger.

The regret.

And it brought

A lot of clarity.

And made me feel more like myself.

And I feel like it brought me. More towards a balance in my life. I feel very balanced and peaceful.

And I know a lot of you were thinking, well, it’s only been a week. Yeah, well,

I’ve been working at it every day.

And eventually.

I think it will stop feeling like work.

I’ll just feel at peace.

No, I can’t lie to you. Of course, I will get angry again.

Um, and I guess that’s how I choose to deal with that anger that would really define. What happens moving forward?

I just want to be. Humble guy that.

Finds love and. Makes the best out of his life.

I want to feel happy. With what life is. And accepting. Of the things that.

Maybe I wish were different.

I know that I can’t change But I can change what happens moving forward.

I’m letting the universe. Handle. What’s next for me.

And I’m accepting of every outcome.

That may be put

I’m ready to face it. Head

But I’ll tell you. I could not do it alone. I needed that healer. I needed my friend.

And I’m going to need you

We’re a community. Event pack. The meaning of it is venting to a community of people that have your back a pack. That’s the mantra that I set up for this power podcast.

And it means a lot to me. Because for a long time.

Not only did I not feel like I had a community? I felt like I had I felt Afraid. Engulfed in my fears and my anger is, and no one to talk to about And of course, I recommend that everyone get a therapist.

I, um, I didn’t have that.

But I’m so grateful that I have all of you.

And I encourage any of you out there who are wanting to better themselves and become a better person.

To go out. And use that energy and find what’s important to you.

I encourage all of you out there who may be single fathers who are put in a position where you feel alone. To join my Facebook group that I started for you guys. The single father group on Facebook.

I encourage all of you who feel like, you know, a friend. Who needs to hear this? To give them the words of affirmation that they need and to share this podcast with them. Because this podcast is. More than just parenting it’s. It’s about relationships. It’s about love. It’s about mental health. It’s about.

Finding myself as a person. I’m a young

A single father. And I’m just trying to figure it out.

But we can’t do it alone. We need each other. I need my pack. I need you guys. And I’m here for you.

Thank you for being a part of my pack.

So guys if you’re in a cage,

Listen. From mercy.

So, um, once again, guys, thank you for being a supporter of the podcast. Be sure to please review like subscribe and share this podcast. It really Um, I recently had a really cool update. I, my podcast is on top 10 single father or parent or dad podcasts. Um, And, uh, I’m I got placed on this article and I’m really happy about it. It will be in the show notes of this podcast.

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Right venting. And, uh, if it’s appropriate, we will vent with each other on the show. And we can talk about, again, relationships, parenting, mental We’ll just have a nice inventing session together. So if you guys want to be featured on the podcast, Um, make sure you do those things and stay connected.

And please visit van pack.org. For the, keep up to date with news and updates and show notes. Um, yeah, it’d be like, and subscribe to us on Facebook, Instagram. Um, again, check out the single father shop. We have some really cool March there for you guys. And if there’s any topics that you guys want me to discuss on later podcasts, let me know. I’ll be very open and receptive to just hearing from you guys, because again, I can’t do it alone. I need my pack.

So, thank you very much guys. And please, please, please. Um, share this podcast with your friends and, um, you know, make it something where if people need to hear it. Share with Um, so I’m going to start the segment of mailbag and answer some questions from you, my pack and see what you guys want to

All right. So this one is from anonymous.

Is there any progress on you and your child’s mother’s relationship? Um, Unfortunately, there is no progress. Um,

You know, hypothetically.

I know that she’s heard the podcast and, um,

Uh, you know, all I can say is I’m hopeful about the future. My daughter.

Deserves the best from her parents. And I’m committed on doing everything I can. I’m making that. Uh, reality.

Uh, the next one is from anonymous. What are you doing to find love these days while I’m on a few dating apps? Um, I think I’m well, I actually am just, I’m just on Bumble and Tinder. Um, You know, it’s hard because I don’t really go out that much. So I don’t get to. Um, socialize. Um, As much as I’d like to. And I feel like.

I feel like dating apps are a weird way to communicate with people.

I speak about this all the time, but I don’t really have time to swipe. All day. You know what I mean? So, um,

You know, that’s one of the things I’m kind of just letting the universe find for me. Um, Putting one step in front of the other, but I’m hoping the path to love will be. Presented to me and I will. Not walk, but I’ll run that way. So.

Uh, the next one is from anonymous.

Your stories have really helped me and me being a single father. I’ve had some troubles of my own with co-parenting and I’m really happy that I’m not alone. And there’s someone out there who can help me and guide me. And when, when I’m talking about. Um,

Well, thank you. I appreciate Um,

I, you It’s it’s hard for me to be vulnerable on my podcast and give you guys a deep insight, um, into my life. But that’s kind of the point. Is to kind of give you guys an insight of what would be kind of my journal. You know, and share that with you guys. So, uh, if it helped you, then that’s all I can really ask

Um, Next one’s from anonymous. I looked at your website and I saw that coming soon, there was an app in development. Can you give us an update about that? Uh, well, the app. Is kind of where this podcast originally started from. I had this idea for a mental health app. And if you guys want more details on that, please visit impact.org and it will be

Uh, the resource tab, um, and coming soon. Um, but apps cost a lot of And if you guys want to support it in any way, I have a little promo video there on kind of my concept of what it would be, but it’s basically a, a. Um, A mental health app for you guys. And, um, I can’t give too much details away because.

I’ve seen a various amount of apps that have come in to fruition that are kind of similar. And I want to be unique and different. Um, but I promise you it’s a very. Well, unique and different idea. For you guys that has to deal with mental health specifically, not just single fathers, but mental health.

Um, so yeah. I don’t know if I really answered your question, but I hope somehow I did. All right next. Is from anonymous. Would you ever consider a cohost. Uh, I tried briefly and the thing is. I manage so much of my podcast right now. Like I pretty much do. I handle every single aspect of the podcast where I feel.

Yeah, I would love a cohost. But I’m just not in the place to do. So right now. And I’d have to really think about what that would look like. Because it’s my show. You know, it’s the single father podcast. Not the single fathers. Um, There’s a great podcast that does that. I think it’s called the single dads podcast.

So. You know, I think to stay unique. Indifferent. Um, It’s going to just have to remain me as a captain of the ship.

So, um, You know, I would love to. Continue to have guests on the show. But as far as, you know, a cohost, I don’t think it would really work out. But there will be guests on the show. A few friends of mine that are, are coming on and we’ll talk about mental health and et cetera, et cetera. Um, I’ve mostly been really just focused on, um, you know, branding and.

Um, creating solo episodes. So when the time comes, um, you’ll see a lot more guests on here. But as far as co-hosting probably not. All right. Uh, another one from anonymous. Would you ever do a video stream? Uh, yes, I plan on it, but. That’s also just not in the cards as of right now. I’m slowly but surely getting ready for that. And it will happen, but it will come at a later time.

Um, My house.

It’s just, it’s not set up. To do that right now, but I will do video podcasts. Uh, just. Later.

Like phase two. You know what I mean? So, uh, they will come. I’m not sure when I don’t have any TA, but yes, I do plan on doing them. Just not right now. Alright, uh, I’ll do one more.

Excuse me anonymous. Any horrible dating stories. Um,

Let’s see, I don’t know if I really have a horrible dating stories. Um, I, to be honest with you, I won’t even really go on a date unless I know like I’m going to have a good time. Um,

Unless I’m vibing. But, uh, I don’t I am top of my head. I can’t really think of like a juicy, horrible dating story. I don’t know, actually I do remember, um, I have one, I was in Mexico one time.

And my friend’s going to laugh and tell me to cut it out, but I won’t, but I was in Mexico. And I meet this girl there and, uh, we hit it off, blah, blah, blah. Um, the, we. Connect. And, um, and that was great. I come back to the us after spring break. And I’m in the hot tub, right. And my apartment complex.

And I haven’t talked to that girl. In a while she didn’t, she hasn’t responded to me and I’m like, Whatever it is, what it is. Right.

So I’m in the hot tub. It’s really late. And outcomes. My friend that I went to Mexico with. Right. And then trolling behind Is the same girl that I was speaking to.

They both get in the hot It’s silent. It’s awkward.

And, uh, he looks right at me and says, Well, and just kind of shakes, shrugs and shakes. And I laugh and I can get out. And I say, have a good night guys. Uh, I wasn’t necessarily mad, but, uh, yeah. You know, uh, yeah, that was. Probably the most uncomfortable. That’s not really dating story, but, um, that’s, that’s a pretty crazy one that I hold in my head.

A lot of the time.

Well, that’s pretty much it guys. Thank you for venting I appreciate the support and the love that you guys show me. Um, I read a lot of the personal messages that you guys. Email me. And although I pick and choose a few to read on the show, I want to let you know that I read all of them and thank you very much. It means the world to me.


Yeah. Like subscribe, share. And, uh, I’ll see you next week. Bye bye

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