Episode 23: My Ugly Truth and Realities of Coparenting

Episode 23

Show Notes:

Hi! In this episode, I’m sharing how I have coped, handled and felt in a recent coparenting situation. If you ever need someone to relate to or want to just not feel alone in your coparenting dilemma, this is a good episode for you.

There are no rules in coparenting, but in this episode I share some of his non-negotiables when coordinating parenting efforts with his child’s mother. 

I also walk you through a day in my life of being a coparent whose views are not aligned with my counterpart. I reveal what coparentings means, looks like and feels to me. With coparenting, it’s more than just dealing with a past significant other and the parent of your child(ren), but also navigating broken relationships with their family members.

I also touch on how my being black relates to coparenting injustices and what being “lenient” means in my mind.

This episode touches on how far I’ve come but also the shortcomings that are inevitable in coparenting. Thanks for listening.

Let me know what you think about this episode or come and vent with me on Instagram @TheSingleFatherPodcast.

In this episode, I cover:

  • The ugly truths and realities of coparenting life
  • How I feel about differences in coparenting styles
  • How being black has an impact on me as a father and coparent
  • Navigating relationships with your ex’s family as a part of being a coparent

Links and other resources I mentioned in this episode:

Sponsors and Attributions:

-This episode is sponsored by Anchor.fm

-Music (lo-fi vibe by cloudsystem) sourced from TuneTank.com.

More About The Single Father Podcast and Kendall Donaker:

What started as a space where I shared my journal entries to help others dealing with Mental Health, turned into something I never thought it would. Through my own personal trial and error, I have learned that being a single dad is far easier when you have other single dads at your side. A professional writer and avid podcast listener himself, I recorded the podcast as an outlet to chronicle his experiences from the beginning of his fatherhood until the present day. I hope to help single fathers feel less alone – whether they want to be single fathers or if they were forced into it.

The Single Father Podcast is a collection of journal entries from my struggle to adapt to single fatherhood. In this podcast, you’ll hear about my highs and lows, triumphs and tribulations, defeats and victories, and everything in between. You’ll also get to know my fears, pain points, and how I overcome them, along with the struggles of being a single father in a society that doesn’t make it easy, at times treating me as if I don’t exist when it comes to raising my child.

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